viernes, 15 de febrero de 2008

English level V homeworks

1) Ted and Ana, a history of love..

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2) Cuestionary

a) What was you favorite toy?
b) What's the tv program that you used to watch?
c) Talk to me about a good memory of your childhood..
d) What was your favorite song?
e) Who was your best friend?
f) Did you play sports?
g) What was your favorite or special place to be?
h) What was your favorite food?
i) Talk to me about your hobbies that you had back then..
j) Did you like to go to the beach?


"My favorite toy was a barbie. I used to watch Club de los tigritos. A good recollection of my childhood would be when I learned to walk. My favorite song was los pollitos dicen.
My best friend was my sister actually, because we moved a lot, didn't have time to have good friends. I didn't play sports. My favorite place was my house with my family and my favorite food, ice cream.. My hobbies were watch tv and read, I like to read.
I love the beach, always."

3) A letter to the governor

Dear Governor Manuel Rosales, I would suggest in turn express some things that I considered important to say:

We went through a difficult time, now in our streets there are many problems, a lot of poor people, hungry, insecurity, death, injustice, structures destroyed, the streets are in poor condition.. And nothing was done in this regard. My person and I think I speak for the state as a whole when I say that we are concerned about many problems, and we want to help and started to put these problems that affect us every moment.

With your help we can do together a difference and improve the situation.

Hope you get this letter.

Jose E. Barboza

4) Description of my house

I live in a house, a little one. For me, I don't like very much because is to crowed, sometimes it bothers me because I like privacy and silence.
The house is noisy and a little cramped, not to much confortable, but not expensive.
It has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. We are 7 people linving there includying 2 kids, that's what makes is to noisy for me.
Is a small house with not to much things, a little convenient.
Right now I would like to live in a apartament, alone or with less people, I would be able to relax and be confortable.

5) My dream vacations

if I won the lottery I would go to England, to the Liverpool city.

First of all I need the principal things, my passport, money, a suitcase and some company would be nice.

I'm going to stay in a hotel, a good one.. maybe I would go to the Europe music awards 2008.

I'm goint to go to the Anfield stadium, and watch a soccer match Liverpool against Arsenal.. that's for sure!!

I wanna eat tradicional food, like toad in a hole.

I will go to a speciall event, where Paul Mcartney is going to play

6) My parents's complains

My mom always complain that I don't help in the house because I don't care about her or my family. All the time she says to me that I don't clean my room and why I always use the same clothe when I go out.
My dad complains about I don't study enough, that I'm too lazy and the only thing that I like to do is go out. He don'd like that most of the time I'm not in the house and that I eat a lot.

7) Iventions (Iphone)

8) National Festivity (Flag day)

lunes, 4 de febrero de 2008


Hey, this is my first blog. I did it because is the final project for English level V...

Basicly I'm going to put here a little of me and all the papers and projects done during the course.
I'm new at this so if you have some recomendation please be my guest..